Rosco offers different kinds of profiles in different mateials. We offer solutions for:

  • Floor profiles
  • Stair nosings
  • Wall profiles
  • Dilatation profiles
  • Plinths and wall protectors
  • Sealing profiles and systems for terraces
  • Foils

Rosco profiles

Sealing profile made out of extruded natural aluminium, natural coloured anodised aluminium or out of bended stainless steel.


With the motto "One partner, many finishing solutions" Rosco started developing its own foils.

Flooring profiles

Jointing of different material coverings, compensation of different heights, contouring of edges, terminal finish with traditional profile materials or innovative ones to provide a modern look.

Stair nosings

When designing a stair case with ceramics or other flooring materials it is important to consider two main factors: safety and appearance.

Dilatation profiles

During settlement, bending, dilation, shrinkage, thermal and moisture expansion it is desirable that a correct dilation and structural joint are applied both while applying the screed and placing the floor panel.

Plinths and wall protectors

An extensive range of technical plinths as an alternative to traditional wooden and ceramic plinths. The plinths are sustainable and immune to humid circumstances.